Amos Collins – Instructor

  • My name is Amos Moses Collins. Health and Fitness is my passion. I am a martial arts enthusiast!I am a 3rd° DEGREE BLACKBELT TAEKWONDO ????
  • I have a purple belt in Brazilian Juijitsu????
  • I am a Mexican style Boxing coach????
  • I have trained American Kickboxing???? for 15 years and instruct in kickboxing.
  • I have also been wrestling since I was a freshman in high school, and coaching wrestling off and on over the past 15 years. I have three professional boxing fights, 13 amateur cage fights and 9 professional cage fights.

I am a certified professional and personal trainer. I have been certified in speed and agility. I have been in the Health Promotions field over 16 years. My goal and passion is to help people in every way teaching them health and fitness and self–defense instruction! I am currently employed at the Fitness Zone in Little River, I also do some contracted training at True Personal Training at Lifequest. I also do some free lance training with individuals all over the Myrtle Beach area!

I am truly interested in helping all of us be more safe in today’s society. Out of all the training I do my favorite is the TAEKWONDO???? training I do with kids. I teach at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center. My goals in life is to live a happy healthy violence free life! I have achieved this through martial arts training and will be a true martial artist for LIFE! I look forward to meeting all of you very soon!